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Watts "lp" Smartstream Residential Uv System - "b" - Advanced - Dimming - 12 - Gpm

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SmartStream UV disinfects water using ultraviolet lamp technology

  • Description
  • Auto Lamp Dimming reduces energy consumption by up to 46 during no-flow conditions.GPM RatingPower watts System Model RESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS LP A STANDARD NO DIMMING 214T7402000621T7402003829T74020011240T7402004 B ADVANCED LP LAMP WITH DIMMING110T7401200214T7401200625T7401200832T74012001232T7401200

    In addition, the UV disinfection process requires no contact with toxic chemicals and, as a result, produces no harmful by-products

    It inactivates a variety of microorganisms, including cysts, bacteria, viruses and parasites

    Those organisms, if ingested, could lead to serious illness and even death.UV light is highly effective, capable of inactivating up to 99.9999 6-log of harmful organisms